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As with Any Not for Profit Charity, we are always need of PROFESSIONAL VOLUNTEERS and also a large amount of supplies.

We thank you for what you can help us with. IF you have anything below that you would like to donate, please do not hesitate to call Shirley at 905-450-9693, and we can work out a time and place to drop off your donations.

If you are able to volunteer, if it be with the pets themselves (Foster), or to be able to help us maintain their instore (clean and care), or online needs (photography, internet knowledge etc). Please write us at Hello.PawsandTails@gmail.com

Blankets and Towels
Unopened Dry and Wet (canned) foods
Unopened Treats and Toys
Any size animal carriers
Kitty Litter, and Litter boxes of any size
Food & Water bows
Paper Towels, Garbage Bags, Cleaning Supplies
Latex and non-latex gloves
Disinfectant spray and Bleach
High Efficiency laundry detergent and Fabric Softener
Hand sanitizer and Liquid dish Soap
Gently used and cleaned Cat trees / condo's and scratching posts / boxes
Hay, Dog houses, and other materials for our "out door" rescues
GIFT CARDS - We gratefuly accept gift cards for supplies and or gas. Gas Station cards, WalMart cards, Target cards, PetSmart & Pet Value cards are GREATLY appreciated!



Groups & Fundraising

Please email Paws & Tails Fundraising to stay in touch, and receive our Newsletter!

Volunteer & Forms Print a copy of this list from .pdf HERE

If you would like to hold a fundraiser for Paws and Tails Adoptions, have questions, or want some help with your event, please contact Natalie at

Fundraising at HOME:

Hold a garage sale and donate proceeds to Paws and Tails Adoptions. This can be done in your yard or on online auction sites like ebay.

Organize a movie night with your friends and family. Sell tickets and snacks to earn money for Paws and Tails.

Cook for Critters: Host a dinner party and ask friends to donate a set amount per plate. Don’t like to cook? Hold a dessert party or cheese tasting instead.

Girls Night In: Invite friends over for a night in and ask them to donate the money they would have spent it you had gone out.

Host a Christmas (or Christmas in July) cookie exchange. Ask guests to bring donations for Paws and Tails.

Play Kisses for Critters at your wedding – if guests want the couple to kiss they have to donate to Paws and Tails

Host a BBQ for your neighbours – either sell tickets to attend or sell whatever you’re barbecuing

Offer a workshop based on your skills (for example, if you’re a photographer, offer a short photography class) in exchange for donations to Paws and Tails.


Fundraising at Work:

Cow Costume Ballot Box: Employees purchase ballots with the names of managers from each department to vote on who they would like to see wear a cow costume (or other embarrassing costume) to work.

Candy Grams: Show appreciation to helpful coworkers with candy grams that are delivered to their office.

Buy Out Day: Employees purchase tickets to get out of work an hour early. The ticket price can be an hour’s salary or any amount you choose.

Book and Bake Sale: Organize a used book and bake sale at your office.

Bring your Pet to Work Day: Employees make a donation to bring their pet to work for the day (please make sure your work environment is safe and that the pets attending will be happy there)

Breakfast Bar or Pizza Lunch:
Set up a breakfast bar with muffins, fruits, juice, coffee and tea for sale to employees. Or order pizza and pop to sell at lunchtime.

Paw Print Painting Auction: Ask Paws and Tails for paw print paintings made by animals we’ve helped. Set up a silent auction at your workplace to sell the paintings.

Open House: If your workplace does something neat that the public doesn’t often get a chance to see, invite them to an open house. The price of admission is a donation to Paws and Tails

Family Day: Organize a day of games, crafts and family fun for staff and their families. The ticket price should include some activities, but you can charge a fee for others.

If you are a veterinarian:

Consider offering discounted spay/neuter or microchipping services to clients who purchase a certificate for Paws and Tails. For example, clients buy a $50 discount certificate for $25. They save $25 and Paws and Tails gets $25 to help animals in need.
Offer pet care workshops for a small fee. Donate the fee to Paws and Tails.

If you own a Business:

Participate in our Discounts for Donations program. Offer customers a discount on a particular good or service in exchange for a donation to Paws and Tails.